The new normal is upon us. All the happenings and historical events that have bombarded our society this year have brought a lot of unexpected changes. Our jobs, our social lives and many other things have been affected by the coronavirus, yet, during this time of uncertainty, we are starting to re-engage with life that we now call ‘the new normal’.

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With all of the government guidelines and safety measures being put in place, each and every one of us have been forced to make adjustments. Change is inevitable, but also difficult. Most businesses are trying to get their workflow and overall rhythm back, while others are asking for employees to work from home. Social gatherings and dining in restaurants are still not at full capacity, and it’s hard to see our friends and family in such uncertain times.

However, where there is change and uncertainty, there is opportunity. We have the opportunity to redefine what is ‘normal’ and create stronger and safer working and social environments. We have the opportunity to embrace change and adjust ourselves in a way we haven’t before. This is a challenge for all of us to take on but one we can take on together.

In these times where governments are encouraging the usage of masks and other sanitary products, PPE Company Care’s PPE Care Kits are perfect for the job. These care kits are packed with the basic sanitation and hygiene tools that are useful in the workplace environment such as masks, hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial wipes, and disposable gloves. They are durable and very cost-efficient investments for companies that want to keep their employees safe. They are also portable so staff members can bring them anywhere they go and have them accessible in times of need.

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