What you should be doing to prepare your business in a post-pandemic world!

We are no longer waiting for the pandemic to pass but rather preparing to work with it. With the uncertainty of a vaccine and the growing talk of having to live with COVID-19 long-term, it is important to prepare for our post-pandemic future. Post-pandemic does not necessarily mean COVID-19 free, however, with proper measures put [...]

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The Benefits of Hand Sanitizers at Work

We are now in the "new normal", a society where social distancing is at its peak and wearing masks is a must. A lot more emphasis is being put on sanitation and hygiene now which is a good thing and also something that we must adapt to our everyday lives even when things go back [...]

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Disinfecting the Office: DIY Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the economy of almost every country in the world. Employees were forced to stay at home and work remotely while some businesses had to shut down their operations altogether. Now, as the world has slowly progressed to go back to the way it was, more companies have begun to get back [...]

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Being A Compliant Employee in The New Normal

The new normal has become a tough adjustment for almost every single one of us. It came at an unexpected time and definitely changed the way we do things and go about our daily lives. Companies and businesses were forced to shut down and halt their operations to prioritize the health of their employees. Other [...]

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PPE in the workplace: What face masks should you be looking for?

Face masks have become essential to our everyday lives. We don’t just make sure we have our keys, phone, and wallet when we leave the house anymore. Face masks are another necessary item to add to the list. Government guidelines advise us to wear Face masks whenever possible when we are out of our [...]

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Recovery Period

As the UK moves to the stage of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the uncertainty in Corporate and Private sectors is how we maintain safe measures during the recovery period, and beyond. The question on everyone’s minds is how they should protect themselves and employees where guidelines on social distancing are difficult to achieve. [...]

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