The Do’s and Don’ts Of Wearing A Face Mask

  The coronavirus pandemic altered people's daily lifestyle. It takes some time to get used to, including the mandatory use of face masks. Perhaps you have experienced going outside only to go back in as you forgot to wear one. For some of us, donning a mask is necessary as required by our respective jobs [...]

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The Importance of Using A Mask in The Workplace

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of adjustments and changes into our lives. Things that we weren't used to doing such as social distancing and being put on lockdown were implemented in order to keep us safe. We are now living in the new normal, a society where not everything is as [...]

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What you should be doing to prepare your business in a post-pandemic world!

We are no longer waiting for the pandemic to pass but rather preparing to work with it. With the uncertainty of a vaccine and the growing talk of having to live with COVID-19 long-term, it is important to prepare for our post-pandemic future. Post-pandemic does not necessarily mean COVID-19 free, however, with proper measures put [...]

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PPE in the workplace: What face masks should you be looking for?

Face masks have become essential to our everyday lives. We don’t just make sure we have our keys, phone, and wallet when we leave the house anymore. Face masks are another necessary item to add to the list. Government guidelines advise us to wear Face masks whenever possible when we are out of our [...]

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Adjusting To The New Normal with The Help of PPE Care Kits

The new normal is upon us. All the happenings and historical events that have bombarded our society this year have brought a lot of unexpected changes. Our jobs, our social lives and many other things have been affected by the coronavirus, yet, during this time of uncertainty, we are starting to re-engage with life that [...]

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The Advantages of Having PPE Care Kits at Work

We are now living in what most experts call the "new normal". Everything we are used to has changed in some way. From interacting with our friends, to shopping for our daily needs and wants, the past few months have taken its toll on us. One of the biggest things affected by the pandemic was [...]

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Duty of Care

Duty of Care refers to the moral and legal obligations of employers to their employees, contractors, volunteers and related family members in maintaining their well-being, security and safety when working, posted on international assignments or working in remote areas of their home country. In those circumstances, individuals and organisations have legal obligations to act [...]

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